Our Focus

Ansera Capital Partners provides private capital and is focused on the non-public markets of North America. It has evolved from the founding partners' private investment companies formed in 2004 which focused on investments in information technology and media. The partners of Ansera Capital Partners have each enjoyed successful careers in multinational corporations where they gained significant experience and developed expertise in investing, managing, and growing businesses. Today, Ansera Capital Partners is focused on developing financial success through diligent investment and management of private capital in areas where the firm, its partners and staff have demonstrated expertise, such as information technology, media and financial services.

Our Approach

  • We invest in areas where we have knowledge, understanding and an ability to influence success.
  • We like to make significant investments in order to influence the direction and success of the company.
  • We stay close to all of our investments by limiting our geographic reach to North America.
  • We recognize success may not happen on schedule and therefore we do not try and create premature exits.
  • We stay focused on results so we can deliver for our investee companies and our investors.

Investment Targets

  • Private companies that provide business-to-business products and services with revenues in excess of $1M.
  • Companies that are focused on the application of technology as opposed to the creation of technology.
  • Companies where the underlying sector provides the opportunity to create value that will be recognized by strategic acquirers or investors.