Current Portfolio

Play Taxi Media

Play operates a network of interactive touch screens in taxis across Canada. Taking advantage of an average 15 minute cab ride, Play Taxi's network produces superior engagement levels compared to other media.

Targeting affluent and active consumers in metropolitan cabs, Play offers entertainment, news and surveys from top-tier publishers. This model has attracted global brands both in North America and overseas. Their clients choose digital taxi media because they can precisely measure each view, touch, email and cell phone number received in a campaign. For their clients, every viewer is a potential customer, and they deliver unique, entertaining and impactful media to over two million viewers each month.

Investments Previously Held


"The subscription billing and payments experts"

For the past 11 years, Monexa has broken ground in the online billing industry and worked with hundreds of subscription businesses to help them deliver innovative pricing plans that drive more online subscription sales. A deep skill-base derived from many years of experience, the billing industry's most robust set of API exposed billing, subscriber management and payment features, sets Monexa apart from other online billing companies. Since 1998, Monexa has provided the operational support systems, including the billing and online payments engine for large ISPs and Telecom companies such as AOL and Bell Mobility as well as companies with complex reseller hierarchies like Amway.

In 2007, Monexa converted the existing technology and experience to meet the requirement for an on-demand subscription billing and payments product and continues to be a leader in providing this functionality to an ever expending market.


Cengea Solutions Inc. formerly Genus RMT, a technology company focused on providing spatially enabled information management systems to the forest industry. Over a 5 year period it merged with a the competitor, Linnet Geomatics, acquired a second significant competitor, Inform Network for Systems Management Ltd. and successfully expanded its coverage to all of North America, the UK, South America and Australia. In 2010 it was acquired by Trimble Navigation and is now the cornerstone of Trimble's thrust into the forest industry.


Make Technologies

Make Technologies Inc evolved a product suite to transform legacy applications for Fortune 100 companies and Government to take advantage of the superior economics of modern hardware and software. Over the 8 years Ansera was invested the product capabilities grew to become arguably the most advanced in the industry. The company enjoyed rapid growth and was acquired by Dell in May 2012.